Patrizia Brandellero

I stand for your greatness and for you living your life to its full potential. What would life look like for you if you could live it in a fully authentic and conscious way?

Through coaching I wish to support you in your personal growth and achievements, moving beyond any limiting beliefs and patterns towards you creating empowering behaviour that supports you every day both at the level of your being and of your doing. I wish for you to get powerful insights for yourself that help you shift towards the life you wish to live, and to have fun in doing so!

I am a Consciousness Coach and Trainer. I hold a Professional Consciousness Coaching Diploma (ICF Accredited Training Programme) and am a Professional Trainer with the Consciousness Coaching Academy®

I coach individuals and entrepreneurs in the small-medium enterprise arena to middle-senior management level executives across public and non-profit sectors and professions, who employ me in their individual capacity.

My coaching experience currently covers seven countries, I enjoy cultural diversity and support clients from a variety of backgrounds and contexts.

My qualifications as well as my life path as a mother of two, living in an international environment, as well as my previous professional experience in the public and non-profit sector allow me to add to my coaching skills a clear and supportive understanding and getting of my clients and the context they operate in, while standing for their full potential.

I coach in English, French and Italian.


I provide Coaching services to individuals and to professionals working for many public, private and non-profit entities, including the European institutions, national and international public bodies, professionals working in the communications sector, consultants, personal development professionals and many other individuals and professionals operating in a variety of sectors.

What they say about me…

Patrizia gets to the heart of the matter by actively listening and her perceptive questioning. She helped me better understand myself and unlocked my potential as a communicator, coach and trainer.

CLAIRE DOOLE, Founder and CEO at Claire Doole Communications – Training Services, Geneva, Swizerland

I truly enjoyed the coaching sessions with Patrizia. She embodies a unique combination of subtle power and lighthearted empathy. She enabled me to create very inspiring objectives and accompanied me in an uplifting and inspiring manner. She manages to channel her intuition and gut feeling into very powerful questions which triggered deep insights and aha-moments for me. She encouraged me to go outside my comfort zone with my commitments and I was so motivated to be able to raise my level of integrity immensely. I managed to reach all of my objectives and felt uplifted and empowered with each and every session. One of her questions will always stick with me: whenever I came up with “busy” talks, to-do-lists and other things I wanted to DO to achieve something, she would ask “and what is it in your BEING that you could change that would support you here”…wow…it always shifted perspective and context totally.

Martina Etemadieh, Client Service Director at SelectNY, Hamburg Area, Germany

Patrizia is a thoughtful and patient listener. She always asked the right questions enabling me to have a look at problems from a different perspective and embrace changes. I liked her gentle way of dealing with my issues directing me to use my inner knowledge and self-awareness.  Thanks to Patrizia I made a decision to actively create a new context in my professional life and changed my approach how to face my challenges.

Michaela Lednova, Reseracher, EMES International Research Network, Madrid, Spain

Many thanks to Patrizia for her sweet and resolute way to help me plan and move forward with diverse plans in my life. I particularly appreciated how she contributed to have me think through strategies to achieve my goals, one step at a time, and provided a great push to take my dreams in my own hands.
Definitely a professional coach I highly recommend to help you get your projects on the right track!

Claude Carroué, Communications Officer at Education International, Belgium
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