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31 May – 2 June, Belgium  Weekend au potager du château Agroecology / permaculture

Training offer

Seedsandpebbles offers several training opportunities, which can be tailor-made to fit your needs and the needs of your group or team.  Here are some examples of trainings provided:

Facilitation training – we offer trainings within organisations to teams and individuals wishing to improve their facilitation skills, making meetings, events and internal decision-making or strategy building processes more interactive, creative and inspiring.

Team development training – we support teams in developing healthier, more trusting and open working relations, bringing clarity and vision towards the achievement of common goals.

Resilience training – we coach teams and individuals to understand what resilience is and how to become resilient in a work environment.

Conscious growing – we organise group trainings for people wishing to learn how to grow their own gardens in a conscious and sustainable way, following agroecology methods and doing so in a mindful way.

Tailor-made trainings – we are eager to listen to our clients’ needs and create with them trainings that will help their teams grow and flourish. Contact us for an appointment and let’s discuss how we can support you!

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