The coaching process

What would if feel like if you granted yourself the time to look at what really matters in your life, and how you can manifest those wishes and potential that lie within you?

A coaching cycle begins with you deciding the goals you wish to work on. It is important for you to clearly define the direction you wish to journey towards,  to be willing to take steps towards it and be open to questions that might challenge the patterns that are not serving you on the way. The power of coaching lies in supporting you to create your own, unique path.

As a coach I am fully present to you through active listening and empowering questions.  I support you in seeing new possibilities and celebrating your growth. I do not provide advice, analyse or tell you what to do. Coaching is not mentoring, training or consulting.

I offer coaching cycles of minimum 8 sessions. The goals are defined in our first session and addressed in our following meetings.  At each session we explore what is most important for you, and I hold you accountable for the commitments you made towards yourself.

Sessions last around 1 hour.  I offer sessions online as well as face to face where possible – I am based in Brussels. I recommend sessions to take place weekly or fortnightly in order to maintain a rhythm in the coaching cycle, and I also cater for specific needs.

I coach in English, French and Italian.

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